Saturday, November 3, 2012

Macross Perfect Memory

There were two key books pressed for Macross. The more expensive of the two was the hard cover Macross Gold Book. It had thousands of color images from the 1984 Movie: Ai, Ohoeteimasu ka? The other book was the Macross Perfect Memory. This less expensive book covered the original Macross TV series. It was thick, beautiful, and very informative. At Y2800, you can't find a book today that was anywhere near as good as this one at that price. The Visual Story covered images from each TV episode. Each episode had anywhere twenty to fourty or more color images depending on the episode. The first section covered the first twenty-six episodes while second part covered the final ten episodes. The Outside Story, which was placed between the two color sections, was a B/W text section of what took place following episode 27 and leads you into episode 28. The next two sections were also in color. The Conbat Section (exactly spelled from the book) showed several series of images from various action sequence. It would display ten more color images from short action scene that was only took a second or two. The last series of sequence was a Minmay concert. Miss Macross was a series of pages that "advertise" the the beauty pageant (episode 9). The artwork was done by Haruhiko Mikimoto. It included poses from various female characters, including Misa, Minmay, and the "bridge bunnies." The next three (and part of the fourth one) was done in B/W. It covered line art from the respective section. The Art of Macross line art covered the various scenes and backgrounds used throughout the series. The next section started in B/W but goes to color on p. 197. The B/W portion showed various line art sketches that was use for the actual anime cell. The color portion was similar to the latter but it actually displayed both the sketch and the anime cell produced from it. The next few pages were from the Visual Story. It had still more color images from episode 11. The Making of Macross actually began on p. 203 contrary to what the book index indicated. It displayed the early character and mecha designs of the Macross Universe. Most of the early sketches of the characters were used in the series but Hikaru looked a bit different on the drawing board. On p. 229, it reverted back to B/W. It covered mostly the early mecha section drawn up. In addition, a number of the pages were text and probably related to early ideas for the series. The last two sections was mostly text. It covered interviews of the seiyuus and the various people who worked on the series. It also had a small photo of most of them. The book was originally pressed in 1983 in Japan but was repressed in 1986 for an American audience. The latter pressing had a little post card attached at the end of the book which you could have mailed to Books Nippan for translations of the book (but it never happened). Finally, depending on who, when, and where you bought the book, you were suppose to get a beautiful poster of the Macross.

There was no ISBN number or UPC bar code. It was released on 10/10/1983. It was priced at Y2800. The book was 260 pages in total length.

p5 Visual Story 1
p53 Outside Story
p69 Visual Story 2
p85 Conbat Action
p93 Miss Macross
p101 The Character of Macross
p138 The Mechanic of Macross
p183 The Art of Macross
p193 ???
p200 Visual Story
p205 The Making of Macross
p247 Staff & Cast Comments
p258 Staff List

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