Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rewind / May J. -Tokitowa Edition- [Limited Edition]

This CD was the theme song from the PS3 game Tokitowa (Time and Eternity). It was performed by May J. There were three different releases of this song. This was the Tokitowa Edition. It came in a cardboard sleeve. First press included download code for Tokitowa Another Story (bottom image).

Product ID was RZCD-59116. It was published by rhythmn ZONE / Avex Marketing and released on 10/10/2012. UPC Bar Code - 988064 591169. It was priced at Y1260. Total length of the CD was 15:11.

1. Rewind 04:18
2. Back To Your Heart feat.Daniel Powter (English ver.) 03:59
3. Summer Breaker 03:10
4. Rewind-samfree vocaloid ver.-★ ーTokitowa Editionー 03:44

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.