Sunday, May 12, 2013

Realize Reproduction ~Gundam Seed Edition~

This CD was from the Gundam Seed TV Series. It was the fourth opening song which was played during episodes 41-50. Tamaki Nami performed the song. First press included a picture disc and a double sided card. On the card, there was three month calendar from 2004 on each side (from January to June 2004). The CD was copy protected.

Product ID was SRCL-5605. It was published by Sony Music Records and released on 9/26/2003. UPC Bar Code - 988009 015842. It was priced at Y1223. Total length of the CD was 13:41.

1. Realize -KZ Strictly Uptemp Mix- 04:52
2. Realize -fly in to the Universe Mix- 04:54
3. Long Way Behind 03:54
4. Realize -GUNDAM SEED OPENING Ver.- 01:43

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.