Friday, July 26, 2013

Gall Force: Chapter of the Earth B-Club Special

After the release of the Gall Force OVA series, Kenichi Sonoda followed it up with the Earth Chapters. This book covered the three Chapter of Earth OVAs. The first 32 pages covered images from each of the three OVAs. The "Illust Gallery" began on page 33. It had various artwork and cellwork by Kenichi Sonoda. Pages 38-47 had an image and some info on the various seiyuus. These same images can also be found in the Lady's Song of Gall Force CD. Page 48 had six different photos of various models of 3 of the characters: Soundy, Ramydia, and Catty. The remaining section of the book was in black and white. Pages 48-58, titled "Characters", was line art of the various characters from the series. Pages 69-78, titled "Production", was more line art from various scenes from the series. pages 79-105, titled "Mechanics", had line art of the various ships and other mecha that appeared from the series. The remaining pages, titled "Staff & Cast", had other background info of the series and from the staff and cast.

At the top of the cover, the following was printed: "The legend of GALLFORCES brings forth a miracle in any epoch... In 2089, a treacherous attack by the MME, the powerful Cyberiod army, mankind to the bring has brought of ruin. But GALLFORCES rises up in fierce resistance to keep hope alive for the future!"

Product number was ISBN4-89189-147-5. It was released on 3/20/1991. There was no UPC Bar Code. It was priced at Y2000. The book was 112 pages in total length.

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.