Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hand Maid Mai -Camera=Fountain Pen!!!- Single

This CD was from the Hand Maid Mai OVA. It was performed by Sanae Kobayashi (Mai), Kiyomi Asai (Ai), and Miyu Matsuki (Mie). Track 1 was the opening song while track 2 was the ending song.

Product ID was LACM-4093. It was published by Lantis and released on 4/23/2003. UPC Bar Code - 540774 400935. It was priced at Y1200. Total length of the CD was 14:00.

1. Camera=Fountain Pen!!! 03:37
2. Hand Maid de ne! 03:25
3. Camera=Fountain Pen!!! (off vocal) 03:36
4. Hand Maid de ne! (off vocal) 03:22

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.