Sunday, December 15, 2013

Record of Lodoss War Vol.1

In 1992, two books were published on the Record of Lodoss War OVA Series. Both of the books were rich with color images and information on the series. The first book covered OVAs #1-8. Pages 1-58 covered the had beautiful color images from the first eight OVAs as well as the opening sequence. In addition, in between various OVAs, there was Art Board Selection. It covered the backgrounds used during those particular OVAs. Pages 60-71 covered the characters that appeared during the respective OVAs. Pages 72-75 displayed images of the various monsters encountered during this part of the series. Pages 76-80 covered the awesome magic used by the heroes and the vilians The rest of the book was in B/W. The next section included the N.Yuuki (Yuki Nobuteru) Gallery (p82-89), Y.Izubuchi (Yutaka Izubuchi) Gallery (p90-97), Visual Board (p98-109), Continuity (p110-113), and Data (p114-116). The final section of the book was made up of interviews of executive producer T.Kadokawa (Tsuguhiko Kadokawa), character designer Y.Izubuchi (Yutaka Izubuchi), character designer N.Yuuki (Nobuteru Yuuki), series composition M.Watanabe (Mami Watanabe), art director H.Kaneko (Hidetoshi Kaneko).

Product number was ISBN4-04-714504-1. It was released on 1/25/1992. There was no UPC Bar Code. It was priced at Y1900. The book was 128 pages in total length.

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.