Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fight Iczer-One! Mediamix Special

This oversize book measured 235 x 297 mm. It covered the three part Iczer-One OVA Series. Cover artwork was Toshihiro Hirano who also did the character designs. Pages 1-18 and 35-66 were in color.

Product number was ISBN4-04-852051-2C0074. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten and released on 8/10/1986. There was no UPC Bar Code. It was priced at Y1200. The book was 98 pages in total length.

p4 Real Illustration by Jun Suemi
p8 Special Features on Characters
p18 Talk Space by Toshihiro Hirano
p24 Iczer Robo vs Dylose
p26 Iczer Robo Perfect Manual
p28 Actual Conditions of Mysterious Cutowolf
p32 Explanation of Mechanics
p36 Original Illustraion by Director Toshihiro Hirano
p42 Real Illustrion by Yuji Kaida
p46 Complete Recording Act 1
p54 Complete Recording Act 2
p66 Iczer-One in Talk 1
p72 Iczer-One in Talk 2
p77 Establishment Character & Mechanic
p87 Iczer-One in Talk 3
p91 Biographical Dictionary and Terminology of Act1~2
p98 Contents and a Colophon

You can buy it at Amazon and Amazon Japan.