Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Macross Flashback 2012 - LD

Three years after the successful run of Macross the Movie (1984), Flashback 2012 was released. This beautiful music video, which included clips from the TV series and the Movie, had some new animation as well "live" images. The songs included the following, in the order of played: Angel's Colors (first half); Sunset Beach; Zero-G Love; Little White Dragon; Silver Moon, Red Moon; Ai Wa Nagereru Part II (full version), Cinderalla (a capella version); Do You Remember Love?; Angel's Colors; and Runner. Except for the last song, all songs were performed by Mari Iijima, seiyuu for Lynn Minmay. Runner was a duet of Mari Iijima and Makoto Fujihara. The most interesting of them all was Ai Wa Nagereru. It was the title of episode 27, where it was originally played on. Also, it seems that no Macross audio CD has been released with the full version of this song. What made this video different from all the others was that there was some footage of World War II Japanese Soldiers scene throughout the video. While these images were used in a later video, this was the only one that used the images all throughout the entire song. The symbolism was too obvious. When images of Minmay, Hikura, Misa, Roy, and Claudia were flashed, you saw Japanese Soldiers symbolizing the "good guys." However, when you saw the Zentran or destruction, you saw American Bombers - the "bad guys." The interpretation of the video can vary but it seemed the past, as evident in flashbacks in all their anime, is very important to the Japanese - never forget the past. The new animation that was shown at the beginning and at the end was extremely beautiful. Parts of this was shown during the end credits of later pressings of the Macross the Movie LD.

While the press run of the LD seemed to have been very short, it has since been reissued onto DVD. In addition, in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Macross, this video has been reissued on Blue Ray. It was only sold with the Limited Edition Macross the Movie Hybrid Pack (PS3 + BD).

Product ID was BEAL-132. It was published by Bandai Visual and released in 1987. UPC Bar Code - 4966 237 01029 7. It was priced at Y8570.