Saturday, May 12, 2012

Madoka Newtype Illustrated Collection

Until recently, it had been a very long time since an official book that covered the artwork from Kimagure Orange Road was released. After long suffering, Newtype released this beautiful all-color hardbound book. The cover was adorned with soft, leather-type material. It also had a clear "dust cover" to protect the cover. All the images were done by Akemi Takada. The section titles were monologue, manana, minx, masquerade, muse, mist, marine snow, mellow fruits, and marvolous. At the end of the book, it leaves the following quote: "Cause the love you give's so good, I dream of you every night. I'm in love, and confused. But it's such a wonderful feeling."

Product number was ISBN4-04-853294-4. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten and released on 3/31/2001. UPC Bar Code - 9784048532945 and 1920076048005. It was priced at Y4800. The book was 80 pages in total length.

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.