Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanon Visual Fanbook

Kanon was originally a Visual Novel first released on the PC. This collection included six A4 size books which came in a plastic slipcover case. The format for the five character books were all the identical. Each one included a poster which was the same as their respective cover (total of five posters included). Each book was 32 pages in length and in full color. The character books included a section of story (of the respective character), long interview, faces, secrets, dairy, and epilogue. The Game System Book included line art / sketches of the characters. It also printed out the various choices and routes that can be taken in the game.

Product number was ISBN978-4-89425-654-5. It was published by Entertainbrain and released on 6/30/2000. UPC Bar Code - 9784757700390 and 1920076025006. It was priced at Y2500. Total length for each book was 32 pages.

Ayu Tsukimiya

Mai Kawasumi

Makato Sawatari

Nayuki Misaka

Shiori Minase

Game System

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.