Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Magical Star Kanon 100% -Kanon 100%- Single [Limited Edition]

This CD was from Magical Star Kanon 100% OVA. It was a spinoff from The World God Only Knows. It included the opening and ending songs from the OVA. Also included was a DVD. It had creditless opening and ending from the OVA. The DVD was coded Region 2. The last image was from the back of the obi.

Product ID was GNCA-0303. It was published by Geneon Universal and released on 6/19/2013. UPC Bar Code - 988102 161606. It was priced at Y1890. Total length of the CD was 19:45 and DVD was 03:18.


1. Kanon 100% 04:21
2. Kimi iro Love Song 03:58
3. Kanon 100% (OVA EDIT) 01:35
4. Kimi iro Love Song (OVA EDIT) 01:36
5. Kanon 100% (Instrumental) 04:21
6. Kimi iro Love Song (Instrumental) 03:54


1. Kanon 100% 01:38
2. Kimi iro Love Song 01:37

You can buy it at CD Japan, Amazon, and Amazon Japan.