Sunday, October 6, 2013

Legend of the Legendary Heroes -Hikari no Firmento- Single [Limited Edition]

This CD was from the Legend of the Legendary Heroes TV Series. Track 1 was the second ending song. It was played during episodes 13-24. It was performed by Ayahi Takagaki, the seiyuu for Ferris Eris. Track 3 was sung in English. It also came with a DVD. It was coded Region 2.

Product ID was SMCL-222~3. It was published by MusicRay'n and released on 11/17/2010. UPC Bar Code - 580163 590847. It was priced at Y1800. Total length of the CD was 13:11 and DVD was 05:52.


1. Hikari no Firmento 04:50
2. Be with you 04:29
3. Oh Happy Day 03:52


1. Music Clip 05:04
2. TV Spot 15sec+30sec 00:48

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.