Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marl de Jigsaw (Limited Edition Version)

This is the fourth game released in the Little Princess series (the first one was released in the US as "Rhapsody"). The first two were on PSX and the third one was on PS2 titled Tenshi no Present. This game was a jigsaw puzzle game which can be played one or two players. The most striking thing about the limited edition of this set is it included four audio CDs. The music spans from all four Puppet Princess games. The audio CDs came in a four-panel cardboard foldout (bottom left image).

Product ID was SLPS-20128 (Limited Edition version). It was published by Nippon Ichi Software and released on 11/15/2001. UPC Bar Code - 995506 000264. It was priced at Y8800.

Disc 1

1. One Day, We Will Meet
2. Let Us Walk ~ Contest Version
3. A World Made of Us
4. Petals of Evil
5. We Are Pirates
6. Frog Kingdom National Hymn
7. A Song We Lift Up to the Mountain God
8. True Courage
9. Let Us Walk
10. Let Us Walk ~ Cherie's Love
11. Thank You
12. Piece of Heart
13. Piece of Heart (Instrumental)

Disc 2

1. Legend of Puppet Princess
2. Eyes of the Princess
3. Little Love
4. The Map in My Hand
5. Welcome to the Dungeon
6. Chasing the Elusive Wind
7. Victory March
8. Marjorie's House
9. Mothergreen
10. A Faint Glimpse of a Dream
11. The Young Girl's Barrette
12. Fear
13. Falling Star
14. Contest
15. A Faraway Singing Voice
16. Bright Red Lunch Box
17. The World's Step
18. Holy Prayer
19. Dream Hunting
20. Dream Traveler
21. Beauty Castle
22. Last Watz
23. Epilogue

Disc 3

1. A Tomboy Princess
2. Princess Kururu
3. Magnificent World
4. The Way of Making Good Soft Cream
5. Because We Are Always Together (short)
6. Because We Are Always Together
7. The Law of the Noble Flower
8. Determination of a Tiny Princess
9. A Customer's Here!
10. Under the Rule of the Soldier
11. Evil Queen
12. First Love
13. The Little Princess' Decision ~ Towards a Rainbow of Hope
14. We are the Witch-Tribe
15. Let's Go Walking ~ Etoile's Love
16. The Karkanskys and the Baknekoffs
17. Let's Go Walking ~Sherry's Love
18. The Little Princess' Decision ~ Sending My Thoughts into Eternity
19. The Little Princess' Decision ~ So That Thoughts May Be Handed Down Through Generations

Disc 4

1. The Beginning of a New Story
2. Title Jingle
3. Prologue
4. Marl's Lane
5. Mothergreen
6. Kure Etoile Rosenqueen
7. Daydream
8. Little Love
9. Puppet Crisis
10. Winged Boy
11. Happy Kururu
12. It's...the Front of the Back?
13. Kururu's Memories
14. Kurusale Marl Q
16. A Faint Glimpse of a Dream
17. Uru-uru Kururu
18. Starting Over
19. Marjorie's House
20. Beauty Castle
21. Light of Hope
22. Welcome to the Dungeon
23. Chasing the Elusive Wind
24. Victory March
25. Historic Ceremony
26. The Young Girl's Barrette
27. Rosen Queenland
28. Cheerful Cats
29. RUN! RUN! RUN!
30. Roating Temper Magic!
31. Sky-Palace of the Witches
32. Dream Traveller
33. Last Dance
34. Eye of the Princess
35. Conclusion
36. Epilogue

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.