Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Noir -Les deux vierges- [Newtype Illustrated Collection]

This book was from the Noir TV Series.  The entire book was in color. It included images from each episode, covers from some of the DVDs & CDs, as well as other illustrations from the series.

Product number was ISBN4-04-853423-8. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten and released on 1/30/2002. UPC Bar Code - 9784048534239 and 1920076019005. It was priced at Y1900. The book was 96 pages in total length.

p4 Noir Rapport #1: Mireille Bouquet
p16 Noir Rapport #2: Yumura Kirika
p28 Noir Rapport #3: Chloe
p34 Noir Rapport #4: Altena
p40 Verification
p46 Montcle
p47 Le Monde
p48 Recit
p75 Interview
p80 Noir Galerie
p94 Staff & Cast List

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.