Sunday, May 19, 2013

Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations: Into the Sky

This book covered illustrations from a good portion of the Mobile Suit Gundam Universe. It included art work from the original TV series (U.C. 0079), War in the Pocket (U.C. 0080), Stardust Memory (U.C. 0083), Zeta Gundam (U.C. 0087), Char's Counterattack (U.C. 0093), Hathaway's Flash (U.C. 0105), Gundam F91 (U.C. 0123), Victory Gundam (U.C. 153), and Wing Gundam (A.C. 0195). The entire book was in color.

Product number was ISBN978-4-04-854357-6. It was released on 9/26/2009. UPC Bar Code - 9784048543576 and 1920076028007. It was priced at Y2800. The book was 104 pages in total length.

p003 0079 U.C.
p013 0079 U.C. The 08th MS Team
p016 0080 U.C.
p046 0083 U.C.
p048 0087 U.C.
p058 0093 U.C.
p063 0105 U.C.
p068 0123 U.C.
p075 0153 U.C.
p080 0195 A.C.

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.