Sunday, July 14, 2013

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse -signs ~sakutsuki hitoyo~ Single [Total Eclipse Edition] [Limited Edition]

This CD was from the Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse TV Series. This was the first ending song. It was used during episodes 2-16, 18-19, and 24. Minami Kuribayashi performed the song. It came in a cardboard slipcase. The booklet was actually a six-panel foldout. On one side was the credits while the other side had the same image as the cover of the box. Also included was a DVD. It was coded Region 2.

Product ID was AVCA-49734/B. It was published by Avex Entertainment and released on 8/22/2012. UPC Bar Code - 988064 497348. It was priced at Y1890. Total length of the CD was 17:44 and the DVD was 3:04.


1. signs ~sakutsuki hitoyo~ 4:20
2. True 4 Eyes 4:32
3. signs ~sakutsuki hitoyo~ [Instrumental] 4:20
4. True 4 Eyes [Instrumental] 04:32


1. non telop ending 01:58
2. signs ~sakutsuki hitoyo~ shouhin CM hatsubai mae 00:33
3. signs ~sakutsuki hitoyo~ shouhin CM hatsubai go 00:33

You can buy it at CD Japan, Amazon, and Amazon Japan.