Sunday, November 24, 2013

Card Captor Sakura Cheerio!

On the cover of the book, the following was printed: 'Special selected 82 illustrations by the staff of TV animation "CARDCAPTOR SAKURA." Illustrations include jacket of CDs and videos, posters and cover pages of magazines.' The illustrations in the book were beautiful cell art from the series. In addition, the book was oversize in comparison to most other books. It measured 235 x 297 mm." At the beginning of the book was a foldout of Li Shayoran, Sakura, and Kero-chan. The first 100 pages were in color. Following this section was the Explanatory Note which told where the images were used. After that was Staff Interview which included Character Designer Kumiko Takahashi, Character / Prop Color Stylist Madoka Katsunuma, Director Akira Mano and Mamoru Kanbe, Director of Animation Mariko Fujita and Makoto Koga, and Supervising Director Morio Asaka. The final few pages was under Making Report. It showed the step by step of how the image from the foldout was created.

Product number was ISBN-4-06-324526-8. It was released on 4/12/1999. UPC Bar Code - 9784063245264 and 1920071018003. It was priced at Y1800. The book was 132 pages in total length.

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.