Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hikari no Kiseki ~ CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Art Book ~

On April 28, 2004, the CLANNAD Visual Novel was released on PC. Since that time, there have been two anime series, a movie, as well as the visual novel released on various game console systems. This book covered the history of CLANNAD.

It came in a cardboard slipcover case. It measured 221 x 339 x 31 mm. The book itself was hardcover. Each book was numbered on the back of the book with a metal plate on the lower right hand side. There was no way of knowing the number till you took the book out of the slipcase. This particular one I received was numbered 4129.

At the front of the book was a single-sided, three panel foldout of Fuko. She was underwater with a red starfish on her head. The first section of the book included seven images from the visual novel as well as some text about the story. The Guest Illustrations were full page artwork from different artists. I do not recall seeing any of this artwork before. The Official Material was from the visual novel. It included images from the game, official artwork, and some sketches. The TV Animation covered both TV Series. Memorial Anthology included several side stories. This included Kyou, Fuko, and Ushio. In addition, there was a 16 page manga short. Cinema Animation covered the movie. On the last page of the book a number of messages was written by the staff. Except for the short stories and the manga short, the entire book was in color.

Product number was ISBN978-4-89490-323-4. It was released on 12/26/2013. UPC Bar Code - 9784894903234 and 1920076066672. It was priced at Y6667. The book was 272 pages in total length.

p002 CLANNAD Story
p005 Guest Illustration
p087 Official Material
p131 TV Animation
p189 Memorial Anthology
p249 Cinema Animation
p267 Message

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.