Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sayuri Sugawara -Kimi ga Irukara- Single [Limited Edition]

This CD was from the Final Fantasy XIII Videogame. All songs were performed by Sayuri Sugawara. Track 1 was the theme song. It was used only on the Japanese PS3 Version (all Western PS3 version included a different song). It came in a cardboard slipcase and included was a sticker of emblem of l'Cie (last image). The booklet was a three-panel foldout. Also included was a DVD. It was Coded Region 2.

Product ID was FLCF-4310. It was published by For Life Music Entertainment and released on 12/2/2009. UPC Bar Code - 988018 319061. It was priced at Y1500. Total length of the CD was 30:02 and DVD was 04:57.


1. Kimi ga Irukara (FINAL FANTASY XIII Theme Song) 05:54
2. Eternal Love (FINAL FANTASY Insert Song) 04:35
3. Christmas Again 04:34
4. Kimi ga iru kara (Instrumental) 05:53
5. Eternal Love (Instrumental) 04:35
6. Christmas Again (Instrumental) 04:31


1. FINAL FANTASY XIII Promotion Video TGS Open Ver. 04:57

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.