Sunday, March 7, 2021

Key 20th Memorial Book

This book featured the all the works from Key since 2001.  Most of the titles originated on the PC with some being made into anime.  The entire book is in color

Product number was ISBN978-4-04-913093-5. It was published by Kadokawa and released on 9/30/2020. UPC Bar Code - 9784049130935 and 1920076040009. It was priced at Y4000. The book was 224 pages in total length.

p003 Kanon
p019 AIR
p057 Tomoyo ~It's a Wonderful Life~
p063 planetarian
p073 Little Busters!
p083 Little Busters-EX
p101 Kud Wafter
p109 Rewrite
p119  Rewrite Harvest festa!
p135 Harmonia
p139 Summer Pockets
p148 Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE
p159 Angel Beats
p166 Angel Beats! - 1st beat
p183 Charlotte

p198 ?? Key ??
p202 Key ??
p204 Key ??
p206 Key ??

You can find more info at CD Japan.