Sunday, June 27, 2021

Ima Koko/Tsuki ga Kirei / Nao Toyama [Anime Edition]

This CD was from the Tsuki ga Kirei TV Series. Track 1 was the opening song, track 2 was the ending song, and track 3 was insert song. All songs were performed by Nao Toyama.

Product ID was VTCL-35257. It was published by FlyingDog, Inc. and released on 5/24/2017. UPC Bar Code - 580325 324082. It was priced at Y1300. Total length of the CD was 29:06.

01. Ima Koko 03:43
02. Tsuki ga Kirei 06:02
03. Hatsukoi 04:48
04. Ima Koko (Instrumental ver.) 03:43
05. Tsuki ga Kirei (Instrumental ver.) 06:02
06. Hatsukoi (Instrumental ver.) 04:44

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