Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brigadoon Marin to Meran Original Soundtrack 2

Yuji Yoshino composed the music score. The packaging of the soundtrack was quite different. The single disc soundtrack came in an all clear double CD case. The booklet was all clear and opened into a 4-panel gateway. Looking through the case, you can see the red colored CD. Its makes a unique view (which the scan does not justify) that was unlike any other CD. The obi was also made out of the same material as the booklet.

Product ID was VICL-60675. It was published by Victor Entertainment and released on 1/24/2001. UPC Bar Code - 988002 412037. It was priced at Y3045.

1. kaze no ao, umi no midori (a capella version) (EPO, Ikuko & Yoko Ueno)
2. Cosmos - Yaria
3. Roro no koto
4. heiwa na kimochi
5. ikimono
6. kessen
7. ureshii kimochi
8. ikite iku koto
9. obieru mono
10. omoi
11. kaze to umi
12. niji'iro no takaramono (Marin to Moe Version) (KAORI & Ayaka Saitou / Marin Asagi & Moe Kisaragi)
13. teki
14. samishii kimochi
15. kangaeru mono
16. aruite ikou
17. Poikun
18. hakai-teki na iro
19. unmei
20. okite
21. ama kakeru mono
22. Skear
23. shoujo no iro
24. Marin to Melan
25. Pascha no hi
26. deai wo a-ri-ga-to-u (KAORI / Marin Asagi)

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.