Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kenichi Sonoda Artworks 1983-1997

To many, the cover of this book symbolized what Kenichi Sonoda was best known for: Bubblegum Crisis. In fact, nearly a third of the book included images from BGC. Except for the last section of the book, Production Notes, the entire book was full color artwork. The artwork covered Bubblegum Crisis, Gall Force, Riding Bean, and Otako no Video. There was no artwork from Gunsmith Cats or Idol Janshi Suchie Pai.

Product number was ISBN4-07-310752-6. It was released on 2/15/1999. UPC Bar Code - 9784073107521 and 1920076025006. It was priced at Y2500. The book was 144 pages in total length.

p3 Bubblegum Crisis (and Crash)
p43 Gall Force
p103 And Others
p129 Production Notes

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.