Monday, April 1, 2013

Mamoru Nagano Collection

This small book featured a collection of artwork that seemed to all been from Five Star Stories. The cover (right image) actually folds out to a page inside (left image). The tile of the illustrations were as following: Lake, Kallen (Blue Color), Sunset, Rain (Juno 2989 "Atoki"), Frost Giant, Flying Tanker (Flying), Flame Monster (Knight of Fire), Blue Crowds, Nie (Gold King), Juno 2989 (Work No.1), Dance Act 1 (Knight of Gold), Patraqshe Tower (Green and Gold), Lachesis, White Ieata (Ieata), Juno 3960, Five Star 6900 (Another Space), Traffics, Legend of Zosan, and Knight & Princess. Most of the images covered two pages.

There was no ISBN number or UPC Bar Code. It was published by Toy Press and released on 10/11/1989. It was priced at Y500. The book was 34 pages in total length.