Thursday, August 1, 2013

Card Captor Sakura Memorial Book

Following the conclusion of the Card Captor Sakura series (with Movie 2 being the "final" ending), this book was published. It covered materials from all the TV Series as well as both movies. The text and image on the cover was slightly embossed. The Illustrations Chapter covered color illustrations by Clamp. The Official Art Work Chapter included line art from all the characters. Character's Highlight had some important scenes from the series. It seems the images were taken from the manga. Official Merchandise Chapter was in color. It had a small selection of the huge merchandise that came from the series. It included purses, calendars, pins, watches, towels, T-shirts, and posters. On the last chapter, Interviews, the following was printed in English on page 145: Final interview looking back on the complete "SAKURA" saga Filled with memories and the CLAMP team's thoughts on the series, along with never released episodes. On the back cover, the following was printed: Thanks to all "CARDCAPTOR SAKURA" fans worldwide. We hope to see you again.

Product number was ISBN4-06-324535-7. It was released on 2/27/2001. UPC Bar Code - 9784063245356 and 1920071020006. It was priced at Y2000. The book was 152 pages in total length.

p3 Illustrations
p75 Official Art Work
p111 Character's Highlight
p129 Official Merchandise
p145 Interview

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.