Sunday, August 4, 2013

Silent Möbius -Sailing / Surrender- Single

This was the ED song for the first Silent Möbius Movie. It was performed by Tokyo Shonen. On the cover, it had the names of the band in English. They were as follow: Michiru Sasano - vocal; Tesshii - a & e guiters; Kometaro Nakamura - bass; and Akira Minakami - all keyboards.

Product ID was VIDL-68. It was published by Victor Musical Industries and released on 7/21/1991. UPC Bar Code - 988002 230846. It was priced at Y930. Total length of the CD was 07:52.

1. Silent Mobius ~ Sailing 03:43
2. Surrender 04:06

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.