Friday, March 7, 2014

Kumi Koda -Real Emotion / 1000 Words- Single

This CD was from the Final Fantasy X-2 Game on the PS2. It was the theme song. Kumi Koda performed both songs. [Note the Western release had a different song.] The CD was copy-protected.

Product ID was RZCD-45080. It was published by Avex and released on 3/5/2003. UPC Bar Code - 988064 450800. It was priced at Y1050. Total length of the CD was 20:00.

1. Real Emotion [original mix] 04:01
2. 1000 Words [original mix] 06:02
3. Real Emtion [instrumental] 03:59
4. 1000 Words [instrumental] 03:58

You can buy the CD at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.