Sunday, May 9, 2021

Legend of Galactic Heroes Theme Collection

This CD was the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA Series. Track 1 was the second opening theme and Track 2 was the second ending theme. Track 5 was the first opening song and Track 6 was the second ending song.

Product ID was KTCR-1111. It was published by Kitty Records and released on 7/25/1991. UPC Bar Code - 988031 007334.  It was priced at Y3000. Total length of the CD was 34:55.

01. I Am Waiting For You (Michiru Akiyoshi) 04:06
02. Prelude of Departure (Kei Ogura) 03:16
03. Hymn of the Allies ~ Flag of Freedom · Nation of Freedom, Revolution of the Heart 03:19
04. Military Music of the Imperial Army ~ Valkyries Love Thy Bravery 02:00
05. SKIES OF LOVE (Michiru Akiyoshi) 03:42
06. Cross the Bridge of Light (Kei Ogura) 03:45
07. SKIES OF LOVE (Orchestration Version) 03:40
08. Cross the Bridge of Light (Orchestration Version) 03:45
09. I AM WAITING FOR YOU (Orchestration Version) 04:06
10. Prelude of Departure (Orchestration Version) 03:11

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.