Sunday, August 12, 2012

Character Paradise

This was an artbook from Toshihiro Hirano images. It was a hardcover book and except for the last 16 pages, it was all color. The book was divided into sections of artwork from various series. This included Iczelion (p.2-10), Iczer-Three (pp.11-32), Iczer-One Manga (pp.33-35), Iczer-One Anime (pp.36-58), Doll (pp.59-68), Dangaioh (pp.69-89), Godzilla (pp.90-91), Tobikage (p.92), Villgust & Ultraman (p.93) IV (p.94), Poitrine (p.95), and Fantastic Convention '91 (p.96). The remaining pages were black and white. It also included some line art from Iczelion. At the end of the book, the following message was left by Toshihiro Hirano in both Japanese and English: "Sorry that I couldn't insert many new illustrations in this second volume of my art-work collection. Some new works had been compiled, but the number hasn't gained much since the first volume was issued few years ago. This is becouse I have been working busy on story comics lately, instead of drawing color illustrations. I am very happy about my past works to be introduced to people in a form of a book, but, at a same time, feeling little uncomfortable becouse I am not yet capable of expressing my world in single illustration, which "an illustrater" must be able to do. To write comics; simply draw after story-line; is my major creative activity for now. It will be my great pleasure, if you could sometime pick up my comic and have a look. Thank You."

Product number was ISBN4-89189-509-8. It was released on 7/10/1993. There was no UPC Bar Code. It was priced at Y2800. The book was 112 pages in total length.

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.