Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ghost Sweeper Mikami Gorgeous Songs

This vocal collection was made up of songs from Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It included the OP and ED, including an english version of each. It came in a cardboard slipcase.

Product ID was KICA-252. It was published by King Record and released in 7/21/1995. UPC Bar Code - 988003 175764. It was priced at Y3000.

1. Believe Me (Yumiko Kosaka) ED
2. Beats the Band (Masami Okui)
3. Senaka-kara I Love You (Mariko Kouda / Okinu-chan)
4. Shounen Yokoshima tanken-tai / Yokoshima Boys' Expeditionary Party (Masayuki Yamamoto)
5. It's Dead Easy ~ Ghost Sweeper [english version of OP] (Ami Mimatsu)
6. Dance no D / D in Dance (Yumiko Kosaka)
7. Try My Heaven (Chie Harada)
8. Yuutai ridatsu de fly fly fly / Soul/Body separation and Fly Fly Fly (Masayuki Yamamoto)
9. My Jolly Days (Masami Okui) Mov ED
10. Believe Me ~ You Are More Than Ghost [english version of ED] (Ami Mimatsu)
11. Pride (Wakana Yamazaki / Maria)
12. Nakayoshi kodomo-tachi / My intimate children (Kumiko Nishihara / Meiko Rokudou)
13. Noroi no queen / Queen of Curses (Michie Tomizawa / Emi Ogasawara)
14. Kanashii gap wa Destiny / Our Sad Gap is Destiny (Mariko Kouda / Okinu-chan)
15. Chijou saikyou no GS / The Strongest GS on the Earth (Hiromi Tsuru / Reiko Mikami)
16. Ghost Sweeper (Chie Harada) OP
17. Single Fake

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.