Thursday, December 27, 2012

Maho Yugi -Mezase Majokko Wonder Land- Single

This CD was from the Maho Yugi TV series. It included three character songs and the respective karaoke track. The CD has an image of Padudu on it but its hard to see from the scan.

Product ID was KICM-3018. It was published by King Record and released on 11/29/2001. UPC Bar Code - 988003 267360. It was priced at Y1200. Total length of the CD was 26:34.

1. Mezase Majokko Wonder Land (Ai Tokunaga / Padudu) 04:04
2. Magic (Kazusa Murai / Myumyu) 04:30
3. Shouri no Shunkan wa Yudantaiteki (Ryoka Shima / Pipin) 04:43
4. Mezase Majokko Wonder Land (Off Vocal Version) 04:04
5. Magic (Off Vocal Version) 04:31
6. Shouri no Shunkan wa Yudantaiteki (Off Vocal Version) 04:42

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.