Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~ Original Soundtrack

This was the soundtrack to the ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~ PC Visual Novel that was created by Tactics. "Kagayaku Kisetsu he" means "To the Radiant Seeson." There were no vocal tracks. Track 4 was Rumi Nanase's theme. Track 5 was Mizuka Nagamori's theme. Track 6 was Akane Satomura's theme. Track 7 was Mio Kouzuki's theme. Track 10 was Misaki Kawana's theme. On the back of the case, "Bonus Truck" was actually printed instead of "track". Following the release of this game, most of the staff who created this game left and formed another company - Key.

On the cover, the following was printed in English: "There is such thing as forever..." Those words, I wondered who said them. The words happened to remember as I looked up at the sky. They seemed to be the start of samething. Yeah, they were definitely the beginning. The beginning of the end. There's voices calling me from opposite directions."

Product ID was MGM-001. It was published by MOVIC and released on 12/6/1998. There was no UPC Bar Code. It was priced at Y2625. Total length of the CD was 50:09.

1. On Your Mark 01:27
2. Daily Leisure Time 02:44
3. Dash! Girls 02:17
4. Maiden's Wish 02:06
5. 8 Cats 02:45
6. Path of a Rainbow Sighting 02:45
7. Innocent Smile 02:20
8. Afternoon of the Roaring Tide 02:29
9. Victory Pose 02:53
10. Ladylike Appearance 03:22
11. White Like Snow 02:29
12. Reminiscence 03:03
13. Flickering Lights 02:47
14. Sea Roars 03:40
15. Rain 02:07
16. Eternity 02:28
17. False Tempest 02:27
18. A Tair 02:31
19. Distant Gaze 02:17
20. To a Shining Season 02:27
21. RADIO CM (20sec.) 00:20

Bonus Truck

22. To a Shining Season - Piano (Arrange Version) 02:27
23. Reminiscence (Arrange Version) 03:58