Sunday, December 2, 2012

Silent Möbius Katsumi Liqueur Character CD -Ichido Dakeno Mahou- Single

This was an character image song from Silent Möbius for Katsumi Liquer. It was performed by Naoko Matsui, the seiyuu of Katsumi. If all six character CD covers were put together, they form one complete image (bottom image).

Product ID was KTDR-2036. It was published by Kitty Records (Polydor) and released in 4/15/1992. UPC Bar Code - 988031 008157. It was priced at Y800. Total length of the CD was 09:41.

1. Ichido Dakeno Mahou 04:51
2. Ichido Dakeno Mahou karaoke 04:47

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.