Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arslan Senki / The Heroic Legend of Arslan II Original Soundtrack

This was the soundtrack to the second Arslan Senki OVA. Norihiro Tsuru composed the music. It came with a beautiful 12 page color booklet with various images of the characters as well as the Yumi Yanimura and Norihoro Tsuru.

Product ID was SRCL-2410. It was published by Sony Records and released on 7/1/1992. UPC Bar Code - 988009 241029. It was priced at Y2800. Total length of the CD was 68:04.

1. Announcement of Death from a Heavenly Messenger 04:30
2. Traveling Clouds, Running Water 04:17
3. Sweat and Blood on A Public Road 03:50
4. Brilliance is an Abbrevation of Wisdom 04:31
5. Sculptured Group of A City of Demons 06:53
6. 2 Princes 03:12
7. Crimson Red Grape Wine 04:53
8. Foreign Country Sand Dune 03:10
9. The Setting Sun's Sad Song 04:52
10. The Taking of A Covering Generation From A Country 03:22

Suite for "Ecbatana"

11. i) Man Proposes, God Proposes 02:33
12. ii) Painters and Poets Have Leave to Lie 03:07
13. iii) Look Before You Leap 03:19
14. iv) Facts Are Stubborn Things 02:34
15. v) All is Vanity 03:22
16. Announcement of Death from a Heavenly Messenger II 04:35
17. Believe that my heart is throbbing (Yumi Tanimura) 05:14

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.