Tuesday, January 22, 2013

La Corda D'Oro Mio Colore

This book, which measured 15 x 21 cm, covered the La Corda series. The first 78 pages were in color. There were no images from the anime but rather illustrations by Yuki Kure, who wrote the La Corda manga. In the middle of the book, in the Making Section, the pages were slightly different size and texture. This section instead opened up into a 4-panel page section. This was a Hana to Yume Comics Special.

Product number was ISBN978-4-592-17049-5. It was published by Hakusensha and released on 2/10/2007. UPC Bar Code - 9784592170495 and 1929979010003. It was priced at Y1000. The book was 110 pages in total length.

p1 Premium Pin-up
p10 Benvenuto! - ??
p11 Character's Gallery part 1
p53 Boys Collection
p71 Making of ??
p79 Character's Gallery part 2
p87 Subcharacters' File
p99 Voice of Kure Yuki
p106 Illustrations' Index

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.