Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Neighbor Totoro -Tonari no Totoro- Single

This CD was from My Neighbor Totoro Movie. It included the opening and ending song. Azumi Inoue performed all the songs. Joe Hisaishi composed the music.

Product ID was 15ATC-170. It was published by Animage Records and released on 8/25/1988. UPC Bar Code - 988008 062939. It was priced at Y1401. Total length of the CD was 14:12.

1. sanpo / Stroll OP 02:46
2. Kaze no Toorimichi / The Path of Wind 03:18
3. maigo / Lost Child 03:51
4. Tonari no Totoro / My Neighbor Totoro ED 04:15

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.