Friday, March 15, 2013

Bunka Housou Radio - Mika & Miki no Suchie Radio Station Theme

This CD was from a Radio Program from Suchie-Pai. The first track was also the opening song for the Suchie-Pai Adventure The Throbbing Nightmare Game which was released on the Saturn and PSX. Mika Kanai performed the first song while Miki Takashi did the second one.

Product ID was TYDY-2087. It was published by Futureland / Toshiba EMI and released on 6/25/1997. UPC Bar Code - 988006 143371. It was priced at Y1020. Total length of the CD was 16:10.

1. 星空にWAKE UP!~眠っちゃダメよ~ (Mika Kanai / Suchie-Pai) 03:42
2. ジャンジャンジャン~夢で逢いましょ~ (Miki Takashi / Yuki Mizuno) 04:24
3. 星空にWAKE UP!~眠っちゃダメよ~ (Original Karaoke) 03:42
4. ジャンジャンジャン~夢で逢いましょ~ (Original Karaoke) 04:21

You can buy the it at Amazon Japan.