Monday, March 25, 2013

UFO Princess Walküre -itoshii kakera- Single

This CD was from the UFO Princess Walküre TV Series. It was the opening song for the Series. Melocure, who were made up of Ritsuko Okazaki and Megumi Hyuga, performed both songs.

Product ID was COCC-15431. It was published by Columbia and released on 7/20/2002. UPC Bar Code - 988001 918424. It was priced at Y1260. Total length of the CD was 16:36.

1. itoshii kakera / My Dear Broken Piece 03:37
2. Agap・/ Divine Love 04:41
3. itoshii kakera / My Dear Broken Piece karaoke 03:37
4. Agap・/ Divine Love karaoke 04:37

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.