Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project Diva Master Book

This book was from the first Project Diva Game. The game was published by SEGA and released on the Sony PSP. The book included information on the game, the edit music mode, all the modules, music, game illustrations, CD list, and the history. At the end of the book were three stickers. They could be used on the back of the PSP. The first one (Type A) was the same as the cover of the book. The second one (Type B) was a CG of Miku. The third one (Type C) was CG of the entire cast. The entire book was in color.

Product number was ISBN978-4-7973-5660-1. It was published by SoftBank and released on 3/31/2010. UPC Bar Code - 9784797356601 and 1920076025006. It was priced at Y2500. The book was 152 pages in total length.

You can buy it at CD Japan,  Amazon and Amazon Japan.