Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ashita no Nadja - Nadja! / Etoile Single

This single was for the opening song of the Ashita no Nadja TV series. It also included another song played during the series including episodes 6, 15 and 18. Both songs were performed by Minako Honda who passed away on November 6, 2005. First press came in a digipack.

Product ID was MJCG-83021. It was published by Marvelous Entertainment and released on 2/21/2003. UPC Bar Code - 535506 830210. It was priced at Y1260. Total length of the CD was 17:06.

1. Nadja! 03:25
2. Etoile 05:08
3. Nadja! (instrumental) 03:25
4. Etoile (instrumental) 05:06

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.