Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hikari No Senritsu / Kalafina [Limited Edition]

This was the opening song for the Sora no Woto TV Series. It was performed by Kalafina. Yuki Kajiura composed and arranged the music. The top left image was the cover. The top right image was the Wide-Cap Obi which was also a sticker. The bottom two images was from second booklet cover and back. This Limited Edition version also came with a DVD which was coded Region 2. It included PV of the song as well trailer from Sora no Woto.

Product ID was SECL-836~7. It was published by SME Records and released on 1/20/2010. UPC Bar Code - 547557 008289. It was priced at Y1575. Total length of the CD was 16:15 and DVD was 09:29.


1. Hikari No Senritsu 06:14
2. sapphire 03:49
3. Hikari No Senritsu ~Instrumental~ 06:11


1. Hikari No Senritsu (Video Clip)
2. Sora no Woto trailer
3. Sora no Woto TV Spot(15 second version)
4. Sora no Woto TV Spot (30 second version)

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.