Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Full Moon wo Sagashite - Myself CD Single

Myself was the second ending song for the series. It first aired on the episode 7 and was replaced on episode 27 with Eternal Snow. The second song, New Future, was the ending song for the first six episodes. Myco, who was also the seiyuu for Mitsuki Kouyama, wrote and did the vocals for both songs. Her group was known as Changin' My Life. It consisted of two other members: Tanabe Shintaro and Henmi Noritaka. This was only their third single they have released. First press came with a picture disc.

Product ID was TOCT-4356. It was published by Toshiba-EMI and released on 6/12/2002. UPC Bar Code - 988006 177635. It was priced at Y1100. Total length of the CD was 15:13.

1. Myself 05:04
2. New Future 05:05
3. Myself (Original Karaoke) 04:59

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it from Amazon Japan.