Friday, May 18, 2012

Bubblegum Crisis - Say, Yes! Single

This was probably the most overlooked Bubblegum Crisis CD. While most singles have identical rendition to the one later released on a full album, this one was *NOT* one of them. The change wasn't very big but should be worth noting. On the BGC Soundtrack #7, Vocal Collection #2, and the three disc Vocal CD Box, the song has a time of 6:10. It was also the exact same track that was used during the OVA. Maiko Hashimoto, seiyuu for Vision, began singing about 1:29 into the track. However, on this particularly CD Single, the time was 5:24, roughly 45 seconds difference. Vision took her first note about 45 seconds into the track. However, there was also an odd beat heard on the single that wasn't on the full version. It began about thirty seconds into the track and ended about twelve seconds later. Finally, this CD Single version was identical to the one played during the live action music video "Bye Bye Sabers".

Product ID was TYDY-2028. It was published by Futureland and released on 2/7/1990. UPC Bar Code - 988006 065000. It was priced at Y930. Total length of the CD was 10:22.

1. Say, Yes! 05:24
2. Never the End 04:55

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.