Friday, November 16, 2012

Assemble Insert -Assemble Insert- Single

This was the single to the two part OVA series of Assemble Insert. It included the opening song sung by Hiroko Kasahara, the seiyuu for the main character, Maron Namikaze.

Product ID was 10L3-4110. It was published by Warner-Pioneer Corporation and released in 9/25/1989. UPC Bar Code - 988014 941105. It was priced at Y1123. Total length of the CD was 16:31.

1. Assemble Insert 03:37
2. Ichigo no Boushi 04:39
3. Assemble Insert (Karaoke) 03:37
4. Ichigo no Boushi (Karaoke) 04:36

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.