Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ranma 1/2 Music Gymnasium

This was the soundtrack to the first Ranma 1/2 TV Series. There were three songs on this CD. The first track was the OP while the last track was the ED. Track ten was another song played during the series.

The first press came in a clear case and a picture CD. The second press run did not come with a picture CD and came in a white case. The repress, which came almost three years later, came in a flimsy thin clear case and did not come with a picture disc. The contents of the book in all press runs were identical.

Product ID was D27G-1003 & PCCG-00192. It was published by Pony Canyon and released on 7/21/89 and 10/21/92. UPC Bar Code - 988013 082335. It was priced at Y2800 and Y1500. Total length of the CD was 46:41.

1. jajauma ni sasenaide / Don't make me a shrew (Etsuko Nishio) OP1 03:27
2. ore wa otoko da! Saotome Ranma / I'm a man! Saotome Ranma 02:05
3. oyako-GENKA wa Panda mo hashiru / Father-daughter squabble can drive even a panda to run 02:19
4. dare ga konna otoko to iinazuke / Who is engaged to such a boy? 03:04
5. shijou saiaku no hentai otoko / The worst pervert man in history 01:56
6. Kung Fu no tatsujin / Master of Kung Fu 01:57
7. Jusenkyou no densetsu / The legend of Jusenkyou 02:55
8. Kasumi to Akane to Toufuu-sensei / Kasumi and Akane and Dr. Toufuu 02:05
9. nani ga naniyara sappari wakaran!? / I can't understand anything at all!? 02:21
10. Heart naisho/2 / Heart Secret/2 (Noriko Hidaka) 03:46
11. mayotte, komatte, Ryouga kitaru / Bewildered, perplexed, Ryouga arrives 03:49
12. imouto ga ita!? Kodachi shutsugen! / He had a younger sister!? 01:52
13. rainichi! nazo no chuugoku musume / Arrival in Japan! The riddle of the Chinese girl 02:26
14. kurasa koso inochi! Gosunkugi Hikaru / Darkness is just my life! Gosunkugi Hikaru 01:33
15. anata nanka daikkirai, demo... / I hate you, but... 03:19
16. rantou! ransen! Ranma Panic! / Free-for-all! Melee! Ranma Panic! 04:05
17. Platonic tsuranuite / Let's stay Platonic (Kaori Sakagami) ED1 03:32

You can find more info at CD Japan and buy it at Amazon Japan.