Friday, November 23, 2012

Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua -Ougon no Kagayaki- Single

This was the CD Single for the PS2 Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Game. It was performed by Number 201 feat.MAKI. It was composed by KATE (Number 201) and performed by MAKI and rhu. The CD came in a thin, flimsy CD case. First press included a card.

Product ID was TMC-1009. It was published by TYPE-MOON and released in 4/18/2007. UPC Bar Code - 560158 370159. It was priced at Y1000. Total length of the CD was 18:23.

1. Ougon no Kagayaki / Radiance of Gold OP 05:02
2. Link ED 04:10
3. Ougon no Kagayaki / Radiance of Gold (instrumental) 05:02
4. Link (instrumental) 04:08

You can buy it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan.