Monday, November 5, 2012

Miracle Girls -Futari-ja Nakya Damenano- Single

This was the single for the ending song of the Miracle Girls TV series. It was performed by Dio. Lyrics were by Megumi Ayukawa, music by Toshihiko Shibaya, and it was arranged by Etsuko Yamakawa. On the inside, the lyrics and text was in black on a orange background.

Product ID was PCDA-00404. It was published by Pony Canyon and released in 2/3/1993. UPC Bar Code - 988013 455634. It was priced at Y800. Total length of the CD was 06:25.

1. Futari-ja Nakya Damenano 03:13
2. Futari-ja Nakya Damenano (instrumental version) 03:11

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.