Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Ultimate Art Collection of "Kanon"

This book covered the Kanon Visual Novel PC game. It came in a plastic slipcase. The book itself was white with snowflakes embroided on the cover. The above image was on the slipcase, similiar to how the third Nadisco Soundtrack was released. It also came with a poster with the same image as the slipcase cover. The entire book was in color. In each of the five main characters' section, it included various images from the game. For each image, it provided the rough sketch, clean-up, color sketch, and then the final image (as used in the game). It also had a part for the faces. There was also a page at the end of each character chapter called "Work Shop." It showed six steps and images of a sketch and then the final (sketch) image. The character design section was made up of various preliminary sketches of the characters. Sales Promote Sketch showed the various images and sketches used in other merchandise. This included the Visual Fan Book, telephone card, New Years Greetings, Color Paper, and Soundtrack. Illustration Works included full page works seven different works. Visit at Key gave some info about Key, the company that created Kanon. Good Collection listed the various merchanidse from Kanon. It included posters, cards, towels, pilllows, backpage (from Ayu Tsukimiya), keychains, and T-Shirts.

Product number was ISBN4-7577-0244-2. It was published by Enterbrain and released on 12/8/2000. UPC Bar Code - 9784757702448 and 1920076025006. It was priced at Y2500. The book was 240 pages in total length.

p5 Ayu Tsukimiya
p47 Nayuki Minase
p85 Mai Kawasumi
p121 Makoto Sawatari
p155 Shiori Misaka
p183 Another Face

The Making Part

p187 Character Design

The Original Part

p196 Sales Promote Sketch
p206 Event Idea Sketch
p210 Reject Event
p212 Landscape
p214 Scribble & Sketch
p219 Original Part
p220 Illustration Works
p228 Kanon Dictionary
p234 Visit at Key
p236 Goods Collection

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.