Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lunar The Silver Star & Eternal Blue

During the early 90s, a company called Game Arts released the first Lunar game on the Sega Mega Drive (Sega CD). It was very successful and led to a sequel as well as being redone on the Saturn, Sony Playstation (PSX), and the PSP. Except for chapter 3, Process, the entire book was color. The first two chapters was made up of color sketches and paintings of various characters and places from Lunar 2. Chapter 3 had some line art as well as interviews from the people who created Lunar. Chapter 4 had color images and sketches from Lunar The Silver Star Story. The last chapter was made up of various cel-art from both series. Some of them have been seen from promotional posters as well as game and CD covers.

Product number was ISBN4-89052-662-5. It was published by SoftBank and released on 3/1/1999(?). UPC Bar Code - 9784890526628 and 1920076028007. It was priced at Y2800. The book was 144 pages in total length.

p4 Lunar Eternal Blue Characters
p56 Lunar Eternal Blue Places
p81 Lunar Eternal Blue Process
p113 Lunar Eternal Blue Continuity
p120 Lunar The Silver Star Characters
p136 Cel-Art

You can buy it at Amazon Japan.